Cable Connection Tester CCT-01

Test your cable Simple and Fast.

Only 3 simple steps

  1. Connect Up Wires
  2. Learn Connection
  3. Start Testing
CCT-01 Cable Tester
RS232 instant cable testing

CCT-01 is a universal cable connection tester suitable for any types of cable or complex wiring.

Don’t waste your time, tedious checking of your cable one pin at a time.

No need to dig out your cable wiring documentation.

Everything you need to make your work easier is all in this affordable productive tester tool.

Instant test result
with a touch of a button.

Start TEST touch button user interface on CCT-01.


  • Help you test your cable instantly.
  • Generate a connection test report of your cable.
  • Capable of standalone operation.
  • Reveal the complex connection of an unknown cable.
  • Catch simple intermittent faults on the cable.

Simple Setup

Simple user interface. You do not need a user manual.

Many customers told us that they wanted a cable tester that can store all their cable connection profiles inside the tester. We had had custom designed this feature before and realised that the operator finds the tester more complicated to use. They had to select from a large list of cable profiles, to load and start testing their cable. While it seems a nice feature to have, it increases the cost significantly and also makes the tester much more complicated to use.

We started to have this idea of having this tester tool to be very simple and intuitive to use. The operator don’t need to remember anything. Unlike most testers on the market where there is port A and B for each cable end to connect to. For CCT-01 cable tester, you simply need to terminate any wire ends to one of the 64 terminal points on the connectors.

The cable testing procedure remains same regardless of the types of cable that the operators are testing.

Easy and fast to set up.
You can test your cable right away.

Use screw terminal plug

8pos pluggable connector terminal
3.81mm Screw terminal plug
Setup of test connector using the pluggable connector terminal.
DIY your own adapter
for the tester.
Simple cable adapter connector setup.
Simple cable adapter setup.

Using only the 3.81mm Screw Terminal Plug, you can set up your own adapter for any type of connector on your cable.

A wire cutter/stripper and a small 2mm Phillips head screwdriver are all the tools that you will need.

Prepare a mating connector for your cable and secure each connection point to any of the terminals on the screw terminal plug.

Click here for more connection setup illustration.

Setup cable tester for RS232 testing.
Universal setup testing for your cable testing using screw plug terminal.

Ways you can power up this cable tester from


USB Power Source

Wall 230Vac power to USB, to power up cable tester.

Portable Power Bank

Power bank for CCT-01 cable tester.

Operates with Computer Devices

Computer System

Laptop computer for cable testing.

Portable Mobile Phone

Android mobile phone for cable tester testing.

Click here for more ways to power up CCT-01 Cable Tester

Operating Instruction

3 simple operating steps

  1. Connect up the cable’s wire points.
  2. Learn the connection from a good master cable.
  3. Start testing the rest of your production cables.
Product operation instruction sticker at the back of CCT-01 Cable Tester.
Operating instructions at the back of this cable tester.

The learned cable connection will be retain inside the device’s memory even when the power is removed from the CCT-01 cable tester. You no longer requires your master cable once the connection is learned.

Scan this QR code to bring you back here for further help and support.

Everything that you want to know can be found on this product page.

Operating instruction sticker, and product reference QR code.
Product label with operating instruction.

Video Demonstration

Watch a video demonstration of this cable tester.

CCT-01 Cable Tester Demonstration

More Advance Operation

Generate Test Report

Cable test report generated from Docklight software.
Generated test report from Cable Connection Tester CCT-01

Cable test report can be generated directly from the Cable Tester.

All the wrong and missing wiring can be detected at a glance through this connection matrix table.

You can also easily mapped out the entire connection of an undocumented or unknown cable.

Allows you to save the test report for your documentation record.

Click here to check the instruction guide for setting up the software to display the test report.

Advance Setup

You can use CCT-01 cable tester in a more productive manner with these advanced setup.

Interfacing External Control & Indicator

You can connect and interface an external foot switch, external alert indicator, controller, or machine to this tester to improvise your own testing operation.

You can also synthetically set up multiple CCT-01 cable testers to test a cable of more than 64 connection points.

Click here for more interfacing examples.

Interface cable tester to external control system.
Interfacing external devices on the Cable Tester.

Custom adapter

For customers who preferred a solid and firm setup, you can choose to customised an adapter for your cable testing.

We provide design services to produce custom adapters for unique connectors on your cable. You can also Do-It-Yourself design your own adapter with the layout dimension that we have provided inside this section.

RS232 custom test adapter plug
connector plug.
Beard board DIY tester adapter board
DIY prototype adapter for soldering your own connector.
JST adapter board
JST header adapter to test JST wiring connection.
Adapter board on cable tester CCT-01
Adapter board used on CCT-01 Cable Tester.
Clean USB adapter setup
Custom plug-on Cable Tester
for neater setup.
JST wire testing using JST adapter board.
JST header adapter on the cable tester.

Click here for more custom-made connector adapter for CCT-01 Cable Connection Tester.

Testimonials from our customers

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  • 1x USB-C cable
  • 1x Terminal Plug (4p)
  • 8x Terminal Plug (8p)

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