Operating CCT-01 Cable Connectivity Tester

A quick detailed guide on the operation of this cable tester. Learn fast, test fast.

Description of parts of a CCT-01 Cable Tester.
Description of parts for cable tester CCT-01 operation
  1. Setup the mating connector of your cable with the cable tester CCT-01 plug (plug-gable screw terminal).
    You can click here to this page for more examples of your mating connector to plug setup.
  2. Insert the plug onto the cable tester.
  3. Power up the cable tester with the USB mini-B cable. If you want to generate a test report for your cable, then connect the other end of the USB cable to your computer. Otherwise you can simply connect the USB end to a USB power adapter.
  4. To learn the wiring connection of a master cable, connect your master cable to the mating connect that you had setup. Press and hold the [Learn] touch button for about 2-3 seconds, and released the button when you hear a double beep or see <PASS> and <FAIL> indicators blinking. The cable tester has learned the cable connection of your master cable.
  5. To test your production cables, replace the master cable with the cable you want to test.
  6. Press the [Start TEST] touch button to test the cable. If the cable connection is identical to the learned master cable, the tester will feedback with a double beep sound with the green indicator <PASS> lighted up. If the cable does not match, a long beep tone will sound with the red indicator <FAIL> lighted up. A fail cable from this tester simply means that the cable connection is different from the master cable wiring connection. This indicates one or more missing connection, wrong connection or short circuited wire connection. You can see the problem wiring connection by generating a report from the cable tester CCT-01. Any wiring problem from the tested cable can be pin point to the exact pin of the connector almost instantly.

Note: You can select [Sound] and [Auto Start] option. The settings will not be saved immediately. It will only be saved into memory about 10 seconds later.

Cable connection testing demonstration

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Generate Test Report

The cable tester has features that allows you to see a detail wiring connection matrix of the cable. This can help you know exactly why a cable has fail the test. This feature can allow you to do a quick reverse engineering of the wiring map of any new unknown cable.

A powerful x-ray feature which can decode an unknown cable instantly to enhance your productivity.

Click here to learn how this cable tester CCT-01 can connect with software tool to generate the test report for your diagnostic.

Auto-Start Test Feature

Auto-Start feature allows you to test the cable without having to press the [Start TEST] button each time you want to test a cable. Simply connect up your cable and the test procedure will be triggered automatically.

There are two speed which you can select for auto-start. Press [Auto Start] button once for the slow speed, and press it again to increase the auto-start speed. The <Auto Start> indicator blinking speed will indicate if it is slow/fast auto-start feature.

The tester will detect when your cable is plugged in, and will automatic trigger the test process. In slow auto-start mode, it will take about 3 sec delay from the time you plug in your cable to the time the test starts. For fast auto-start mode, this will be 1 sec.

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The following section introduce some of the advance features…

Detect and Catch Intermittent Fault on the Cable Wiring Connection

Suspecting that your cable having an intermittent cable fault problem. Catch the fault using this simple feature on our CCT-01 Cable Tester.

Click here to check out the procedure to use this feature to catch your intermittent fault.

Self Diagnostic Check to Verify CCT-01 Cable Tester device

Occasionally do a diagnostic test to check if the cable tester is in good working condition.

Click here for the procedure to start your diagnostic check.

Restore CCT-01 Cable Tester to Factory Default

Click here for the instruction to restore your CCT-01 Cable Tester to the factory default settings.

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