Restore CCT-01 Cable Tester to Factory Default

You can reset and restore the settings on the cable tester to its default value.

While operating the cable tester, the options that you had set on the tester device is automatically saved.

The following procedure is for restoring the cable tester device back to its original factory default settings.

Procedure to Reset to Factory Default Settings

  1. Press [Start TEST] button first, followed by pressing the [Learn] button. Hold onto the button and do not release the button. You will notice that all the indicators all lighted up. Hold the buttons until all the 4 indicators lights are off. Then you can release both the buttons.
Video Demonstration of restoring Cable Tester CCT-01 to its factory default settings.
  1. The cable tester will reset itself, sets the default user settings and erase any learned cable connection from its memory.
  1. You should see that the green <Pwr> indicator blinking normally. It means that your device is back in the usual cable tester operating mode.

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