Catch Cable Intermittent Fault using CCT-01 Cable Tester

CCT-01 Cable Tester can be use to detect simple cable intermittent fault. The scanning speed of the tester is at a frequently of about 4Hz. The movement of the cable is recommended to be slow to capture the fault.

Operating Instruction

  1. Getting into the Detection mode
    Press [Start TEST] button first, followed by pressing the [Sound] button. Hold onto the button and do not release the button. You will notice that all the indicators all lighted up. Hold the buttons until all the 4 indicators lights are off. Then you can release both the buttons.
  1. Begin intermittent cable fault detection
    You will notice that the green indicator <Pwr> will be permanently lighted up instead of its usual blinking. This means that the tester has successfully boot into a special operating mode.

    You will also notice the 2 indicators (<Auto Start> & <PASS>) will starts to blink. This indicates that the cable tester is now in a cable intermittent fault detection mode.

    This means that you have successfully entered into the Cable Intermittent Fault Checking mode.
  1. Reproduce the cable intermittent fault
    You can now move your cable. Any wire shorted or opened circuit, this intermittent fault detector mode can help you to catch it.
  1. Fault is detected
    When the fault is captured, the buzzer and indicator <FAIL> will keep sounding and flashing.
  1. Display the report and restart the test again
    You can pressed on the [Start TEST] button to print the report. This will also start a new check procedure to monitor for the intermittent fault again.

    The test report will points out which pin is causing the intermittent fault. The symbol ‘M‘ indicates a break in the connection, while the symbol ‘X‘ indicates a shorting of the connection.

    Click here to learn how to setup and display the test report.

Exiting this Intermittent Fault Detection Mode

You exit from this detection mode anytime by pressing on the [Learn] button.

Disable Fault Sounding Buzzer

You can silent the fault sounding buzzer by pressing on the [Sound] button to disable the sound. By default, sound is enabled.

Interfacing with External Switch Button and Indicators

External input switch button and output indicator interface can work with this detection mode.

Custom High Speed Intermittent Fault Detection

If you really need a high speed tester to be much more sensitive, we can custom make a tester solely for this purpose. This will allows you to capture a more challenging intermittent fault from your cable.

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