Frequent Asked Question

We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our CCT-01 Cable Tester to this FAQ section.
Hope this can give you a detailed understanding about this Cable Tester CCT-01.

Functional questions about CCT-01 Cable Tester

CCT-01 can only save only 1 connection in the device. It is easier to use when you need to save only 1 connection. There is no need for you to select any cable configuration to load, or save the learned connection to any particular memory. Less chance of human mistake.
You simply just need to keep one master cable in good condition for each type of cable you often need to test. Simply learn the master cable instantly and start testing other cables right away. There is nothing to select, which can be pretty abstract, especially for a new user.

The question asked if the cable connection that is scanned and learned, is there a way to store this connection matrix as a file on a computer for later use. You can copy out the cable connection matrix and save it as a text file for comparison later.

While this feature may sound powerful, and save place By allowing the keeping of the cable configuration in digital form instead of keeping the physical cable, the actual operation of the tester may not be as easy to use. Having worked with many customers, and listening to their feedback, we come to design this CCT-01 Cable Tester.

The team also needs to know the cable and load up the correct configuration of the cable under testing.
The operator also needs to know how the plug is connected to the tester. All these make the setup more complex and tedious to operate. All these are actually very costly, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

The CCT-01 Cable Tester is designed to be very simple to use.
So easy to use that learning to use is fast and easy.

We design it in such a way that even a layman knows how to operate it with minimum training effort.
The disadvantage of our design is that you have to keep a physical working cable as a master for learning.
Simply learn the physical cable instantly, and begin testing the rest of the cable immediately.
There is no need to look for cable configuration files to load and set up.
The process is fast and it requires no prior experience, training, or memory.
Anyone, including none technical staff, finds it easy to operate.

Simple to use is productive and efficient. Save time and money.

Yes. CCT-01 can operate as a standalone unit, it can also interface to a computer device to display more detailed information about the cable under testing.

There is no dedicated software needed to operate this device. You do not need to buy any software as well.
If you need to see a cable test report or more detailed information, you can simply download terminal software.
There are many terminal software available on the market. They are freely available for download onto your computer PC or even on your mobile phone. You can check out this page for some of the recommended free terminal software.

Yes. You can write your own program to interface with the CCT-01.
It uses serial communication (USB virtual serial comm port).
The Serial Com Port settings can be found on this page.

It is written for the human interface, but you can also write software to interact with the device.
If you have brought the device and need help with serial communication, you can email us for further guidance step by step.
It uses serial communication. Human readable Ascii text.

Yes. The tester will check for connection to the rest of the connected pins.
So if there are 8 pins connected together on the same electrical net, the tester will be able to tell and map it.
So if one of your 6 pins connection is disconnected from the net, the tester will be able to tell the differences.
The connection will be reflected on the test report (wiring mapping chart).

This is a very common question asked by new customers looking for a cable tester.

Yes. Has to re-learn if the cable that you want to test is different, or if you have a changeover.
Learning the cable is fast. Only about 2-3 seconds.
The downside is that you need to keep a copy of the master cable on hand.

We used to design a cable tester that can save a lot of cable configuration.
The reason for us coming up with this CCT-01 design is that we see customers having difficulty using it.
Allowing operators to select the cable profile that they want to test makes the operating procedure more complex, more steps to do. Operators often forgot how to operate it and had to waste time referring back to the user manual. The user manual may get lost and they will contact us for support. And also the operator needs to connect the pinout to the same location every single time. The operator needs to document the pinout connection to the tester as well. This becomes tedious for the operator and actually more work to do. More documentation to handle..

We design CCT-01 with simplicity in mind.
Most customers will have a copy of the master cable for their verification.
So before any cable testing, the operator will use the CCT-01 tester to learn from the master cable.
They can simply plug the pin out to any termination point without referring to any documentation or user manual.
It is a sort of consistent, brainless procedure that most operators can easily remember.
After learning (2-3 sec of time), proceed to test the cable.

Many customers actually find this way more productive.

We also have customers buying a lot of CCT-01, assigning one CCT-01 to each of their cables.
They want to keep their operation even simpler and more efficient. In this case, there is no need to relearn the cable.
The cable configuration is permanently stored on each CCT-01 tester.

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