Frequent Asked Question

FAQ section, commonly asked questions about our CCT-01 Cable Tester.
To understand better about this Cable Tester.

How many samples (sets of wire harness) can I save on the memory of CCT-01 Cable Tester device?

CCT-01 can only save only 1 connection in the device. It is easier to use when you need to save only 1 connection. There is no need for you to select any cable configuration to load, or save the learned connection to any particular memory. Less chance of human mistake.
You simply just need to keep one master cable in good condition for each type of cable you often need to test. Simply learn the master cable instantly and start testing other cables right away. There is nothing to select, which can be pretty abstract, especially for a new user.

Is there a way to store a specific cable configuration on a PC for later usage in case I have several different cables to test?

The question asked if the cable connection that is scanned and learned, is there a way to store this connection matrix as a file on a computer for later use. You can copy out the cable connection matrix and save it as a text file for comparison later.

While this feature may sound powerful, and save place By allowing the keeping of the cable configuration in digital form instead of keeping the physical cable, the actual operation of the tester may not be as easy to use. Having worked with many customers, and listening to their feedback, we come to design this CCT-01 Cable Tester.

The team also needs to know the cable and load up the correct configuration of the cable under testing.
The operator also needs to know how the plug is connected to the tester. All these make the setup more complex and tedious to operate. All these are actually very costly, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

The CCT-01 Cable Tester is designed to be very simple to use.
So easy to use that learning to use is fast and easy.

We design it in such a way that even a layman knows how to operate it with minimum training effort.
The disadvantage of our design is that you have to keep a physical working cable as a master for learning.
Simply learn the physical cable instantly, and begin testing the rest of the cable immediately.
There is no need to look for cable configuration file to load and to setup.
The process is fast and it requires no prior experience, training or memory.
Anyone, including none technical staffs, finds it easy to operate.

Simple to use is productive and efficient. Save time and money.