Cable Tester Specification (CCT-01)

Features and the detailed technical specification of the cable tester CCT-01

Cable Tester CCT-01

Operation Features

Technical Specification

  • Power from 5V USB power source (5V 0.1A), less than 0.5 Watt
  • USB-C connector socket.
  • Small test signal output from pin is max at 3.3V, 5mA
  • USB virtual serial communication port connection for generating report.
  • Test speed is about 5msec per connections, or about 0.32sec for all the 64 connections.
  • Capacitance between the wires must be less than 60nF. (Wire capacitance should be < 60nF)
  • Measure as connection with the wire having a resistance of about 38KΩ or less. (Wire connection should be < 30Kohm)
  • Cable wiring connection Intermittent fault detection mode, detection speed is slow at 4Hz (250ms)
  • Secured with 4pcs of screw, M3 x 8 (max up to M3 x 14)
  • Size: 130 x 65 x 35mm
  • Weight: 150g

Note: For wires having too high capacitance, the cable tester will detect the point as a connection.

*** CCT-01 Cable Tester is a product that is designed and made in Singapore.

CCT-01 Size Dimension

Size dimension 130 x 65 x 27mm (without plug)
Size dimension 130 x 65 x 35mm (with plug)

Panel Layout Drawing

Picture of the CCT-01 dimension, size and layout.
Cable Tester panel dimension 127 x 62 x 14mm

For custom technical specification

For customisation of any specify technical specification required for your cable production testing, you can contact us.
We can design the right tester to your specification.

  • Precision low resistance wire connection measurement. Ensure the connector connection is properly done.
  • Complex cable LCR measurement.
  • Testing of cable with passive component, LED or IC chip integrated.

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