DEX Connector Pin Out

DEX cable wiring is typically use in communication between devices that are used in a vending machine.

DEX connector pin out

DEX Technology

DEX (Digital Equipment Exchange) protocol, was originally used by bottling companies in the 1980s for managing inventory and delivery routes, has become a common standard for the vending machine business. DEX offers several benefits such as minimizing inventory investment, tracking customer habits in real time.

Here’s how DEX works: Each vending machine contains a VMC (vending machine control board) that handles transactions like coin counting and card payments. This data is then translated into DEX format for remote access by operators. DEX technology allows for the transfer of data to a computer or handheld device, enabling efficient management of inventory and generating useful reports.

The advantages of DEX usage include planning efficient routes, reducing unnecessary machine servicing, and streamlining restocking processes. This allows the vending machine operators to save time and money, improve inventory management, and enhance overall profitability.

DEX technology also involve financial accountability by automatically tracking cash flow and reporting malfunctions or repair needs. Vending machines equipped with DEX can be easily identified by checking for specific features or components inside, and older machines can be upgraded with VMC kits or replaced with newer DEX-enabled models.

DEX technology revolutionizes the vending machine industry by providing operators with valuable insights and tools to optimize their businesses. With its ongoing development, DEX continues to offer significant benefits and efficiencies for the future of vending.

Another popular and common communication standard in the vending machine industry is the MDB and also the VCCS protocol.

DEX Connector

DEX connector uses a 3 pins 6.35mm stereo jack (or also known as 1/4″ stereo plug). This jack is the same plug that is widely used on cables in the audio industry.

The tip of the jack is receiving the serial communication data, while the middle ring contact is for the transmit. The last big patch ring is common ground reference for the data signal.

Data Signal

The data signal is compatible to RS232 serial data. To convert from DEX to RS232 is a matter of wiring to the RS232 plug (D-Sub-09 connector)

DEX cable and accessories

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