VCCS connector Pin Out

VCCS Japan vending machine connector’s pin out

Introduction to VCCS

This is Coca-Cola’s standard interface used in Japan and other Asian Pacific Rim countries. It’s like a connection that helps Coca-Cola machines accept coins, cashless payments, and bills. There’s one plug that provides power and communication signals.

VCCS is a protocol communication standard used widely in Japan’s vending machine industry. Similar to MDB, the communication standard helps establish a common protocol to inter-link numerous devices used in a vending system. It is a very common protocol used on vending machines made in Japan.

Japan is famous for her wide range of vending machines on the street. You can easily find machines within a 100m radius in Japan’s cities.

Besides VCCS, there are also many other standards used in the vending machine industry across the world.

Protocol Converter

There are so many vending protocols and they can be overwhelming for integration work. This is especially true with VCCS protocol, there is hardly any documentation available from the internet. A converter is going to make integration work simpler.

To make things similar, there are also converters on the market that help convert vending machine protocol. It is like a translator that helps machines talking in various languages to understand each other and work together in harmony.

  1. MDB to VCCS converter.
    For MDB to VCCS converter, you can contact PIC-CONTROL Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.
  2. MDB to Pulse converter.
    Click here for the product page PIC-031 MDB Pulse Converter.
  3. MDB-RS232 (MDB over Serial), is sort of a converter that converts RS232 to MDB.
    Is available from “

VCCS Connector details

Peripheral Connector

Discconectable Crimp style connectors.

JST XL Connector (5.0mm pitch), 8 ways (part number: S08P-XL-HDS)

Master (VMC) Connector

  • JST XL Connector (5.0mm pitch), 8 ways (part number: XLP-08V)
  • JST Insert pins
    • for 26AWG to 20AWG (part number: SXF-01T-P0.7)
    • for 20AWG to 16AWG (part number: SXF-41T-P0.7)

Alternative connectors available

Tools Accessories

  • Extraction tool for JST insert pins.

VCCS Communication Protocol Documentation References

VCCS consist of 7 wires

(2x data, 1x synchronization, 1x common signal, 1x 24V power, 1x common Gnd, 8V)

  • 24V power
  • Common ground
  • Data Transmit
  • Data Receive
  • 1x Synchronization line
  • 1x Common signal line
  • 8V

Serial Communication Configuration:
8 data bits, 4800 bits/sec, 0-24 volt signalling

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