Compare Cable Tester Products

A quick comparison chart for the cable tester products available on the market. To help you have a quick review and overview glance.

Note: The information is gathered from the respective manufacturers website. Features may not be indicated on the chart due to limited information from the manufacturer’s website. If any discrepancy is detected, please feel please to update us, so that we can do the necessary update onto this chart. Thank you.

Other Useful Cable Tester Features To Compare

Each cable tester is uniquely design for a specific purpose in mind. High end model usually is more expensive but it has much more features. The following are some features (not featured on the comparison chart) that you may like to take note of.

  • Expandable test points
  • Software support
  • Test intermediate cable problem
  • Reverse engineer of unknown cable connection
  • Memory for number of learned cables

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Cable Tester tools on the market

The following is a summary list of universal cable testers that can test and validate complex wiring connectivity of any cable or cable harness. Small and portable. These testers can learn the original master cable wiring and can detect opens, shorts and mis-connected wiring connections instantly.

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Cable Tester CCT-01
Test any cable up to 64 wiring points

Product: Cable Tester CCT-01

Manufacturer: PIC-CONTROL

Test Points: 64
Power Source: 5V (USB-C cable, 100mA)
Size: 130 x 65 x 35mm
Weight: 300g
Cost: Very Low (about USD$265, or Singapore dollar SGD$330)

Nice Features:

  • very easy to use
  • easy to wire up
  • small size
  • low voltage/power
  • can generate test report
  • allow interface to external system
  • reverse engineer of an unknown complex cable connection

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CCT-01 Cable Tester product information.

WireBasics CT-16 Cable Tester

Product: WireBasics CT-16 Cable Tester

Manufacturer: PROTRON

Test Points: 32 test pins (limited by 16 circuits)
Power Source: 230Vac to 6Vdc or (9Vdc battery)
Size: Estimate to be 210 x 148 x ??mm
Weight: ???g
Cost: Low (about USD$395)

Nice Features:

  • low voltage
  • easy to read
  • relay and TTL output
  • comes with connector adapter boards

Model 205 Universal Cable Tester

Product: Model 205 Universal Cable Tester

Manufacturer: BK Precesion

Test Points: 128
Power Source: 230Vac to 12Vdc (700mA)
Size: 231.1 x 157.5 x 53.3mm
Weight: 1360g
Cost: Medium

Nice Features:

  • stores up to 50 test programs
  • printer interface
  • optional accessories

1100H+ Compact Cable Tester

Product: 1100H+ Compact Cable Tester

Manufacturer: CIRRIS

Test Points: 128
Power Source: 115Vac / 230Vac
Size: 360 x 170 x 135mm
Weight: 4400g
Cost: High

Nice Features:

  • expandable test points up to 1024
  • high voltage test
  • test for passive components, resistors, diodes, capacitors, twisted pairs
  • test for intermediate cable problem

Cable Tester CCT-100

Product: Cable Tester CCT-100

Product is no longer produced by the manufacturer.

Manufacturer: Cosam Industries

Test Points: 52
Power Source: 120Vac adapter
Size: 197 x 89 x 38mm
Weight: ???g
Cost: Low (about USD$450)

Nice Features:

  • compact in size
  • nice small screen display
  • detects diode polarity
  • product model CCT-100B come with rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • wide range of attachment boards accessories

CableScan Model 64 Cable Tester

Product: CableScan Model 64 Cable Tester

Manufacturer: Cablescan (A EUBANKS COMPANY)

Test Points: 64
Power Source: 115Vac / 230Vac
Size: 279 x 82 x 50mm
Weight: 2700g

Nice Features:

  • user-friendly control panel
  • expandable program storage
  • optional PC interface
  • optional printer interface
  • screen display
  • many other models available with more test points

HPS9820 Cable Tester

Product: HPS9820 Cable Tester

Manufacturer: Helpass Electronic Technologies Inc

Test Points: 128
Power Source: 230Vac
Size: 288 x 270 x 102mm
Weight: 2000g
Cost: Low

Nice Features:

  • color screen display
  • choice of English and Chinese language
  • auto or manual test mode
  • statistical analysis function
  • RS232C interface

M2U-Basic (810U) Low Voltage Cable Tester

Product: CableEye M2U-Basic (810U) Low Voltage Cable Tester

Manufacturer: CAMI Research Inc.

Test Points: 128 test points (limited by 64 conductors)
Power Source: 230Vac to 9Vdc
Size: approximate 305 x 230mm
Weight: 1100g
Cost: High (about USD$1300)

Nice Features:

  • many other advance product models to choose from
  • very nice optional software add-on support
  • many optional connector adapter boards set to choose from
  • many accessories options


Other models:

B801 Sharon Connection Tester

Product: B801 “Sharon” Connection Tester

Manufacturer: Banair

Test Points: 128
Power Source: 9V 400mA
Size: ???mm
Weight: ???g
Cost: Medium

Nice Features:

  • 2 line display
  • Up to 48 wire lists
  • Computer RS232 interface

Cable Tester 2.0

Product: Cable Tester 2.0

Manufacturer: AWOS

Test Points: 128
Power Source: 12V 150mA
Size: 260 x 205 x 50mm
Weight: < 1Kg

Nice Features:

  • Graphical editor for cable connection
  • Cyclic testing
  • Computer RS232 interface

RibbonJog mkII

Product: RibbonJoG mkII

Manufacturer: CableJog

Test Points: 128 (for up to 64way IDC ribbon cable)
Power Source: 4x AAA batteries
Size: 290 x 143 x 35mm
Weight: —
Cost: Very Low (about USD350)

Nice Features:

  • Simple construct and operation.
  • Test for open/short circuit within 1 sec.
  • For 10/14/16/20/26/34/40/50/60/64 way IDC flat ribbon cable.

CableJoG 128

Product: CableJoG 128

Manufacturer: CableJog

Test Points: 128
Power Source: 9V NiMH battery
Size: 180 x 310 x 60mm
Weight: —
Cost: Medium (about USD560)

Nice Features:

  • Store up to 57 cable configurations.
  • Keypad control.
  • RS232 communication to computer.
  • Using standard IDC header connector.

Other models available for more test points. 256/512/1024 test points available.

Ribbon Cable Tester
TEST-i Pro Multi-Function Cable Tester

Product: Ribbon Cable Tester 258894

Manufacturer: Hobbes Innovation
Distributor: Assmann WSW Components

Test Points: 100 (for up to 50 ways IDC cable)
Power Source: 9V battery or Power Jack
Size: 250 x 134 x 35mm
Weight: about 800g
Cost: Low (about USD$292 from PRO-LINK)

Nice Features:

  • LCD display with backlight
  • Test for open, short or mis-wiring.


  • Other models of Multi-Cable Testers available (258898, 258011, 258012IM-001) ranging from USD$150 to USD$260


Ribbon Cable Tester

Product: Anarchy PCB Ribbon Cable Tester

Manufacturer: —

Test Points: test up to 24 pins ribbon cable
Power Source: 3x AA battery
Size: —
Weight: —
Cost: Very very cheap (about USD$50)

Nice Features:

  • simple bare PCB board tester for ribbon cable.

Kabeltester MCT 192

Product: Kabeltester MCT 192

Manufacturer: REINHARDT System und Messelectronic GmbH (Germany)

Test Points: 192
Power Source: USB (230Vac adaptor)
Size: 280 x 272 x 60mm
Weight: <1Kg
Cost: EUR$1298 (about USD$1480)

Nice Features:

  • PC Software available.
  • Test result can be saved to file on a computer.
  • Can be standalone.
  • Using easily available test socket and connectors.

Profi PC Kabeltester CT-7

Product: Profi PC Kabeltester CT-7

Manufacturer: VOLTCRAFT

Test Points: —
Power Source: 9Vdc
Size: 260 x 175 x 65mm
Weight: 860g
Cost: EUR$297 (about USD$340)

Nice Features:

  • Various connectors to test your cables
  • Sub-D 9pins, 15pins, 25pins, Sub-HD 15pins
  • Centronics
  • USB type A, USB type B
  • IEEE 1394
  • BNC cable connector
  • RJ45, PS/2, DIN 5pins, SATA


Product: CANWAY CW-305

Manufacturer: Meilhaus Electronic

Test Points: 240
Power Source: 9Vdc (700mA)
Size: 300 x 275 x 60mm
Weight: 2.8Kg
Cost: EUR$4900 (about USD$5550)

Nice Features:

  • PC Software available.
  • Can be standalone.
  • Display screen
  • Swappable connector panel accessories

AHT-128 Cable Harness Tester

Product: AHT-128

Cable Harness Tester

Manufacturer: AEM

Test Points: 128 (can be cascaded for up to 1024 points)
Power Source: 12V (5A)
Size: 192 x 170 x 56mm
Weight: about 900g
Cost: High

Nice Features:

  • Can be cascaded for up to wire 1024 points.
  • Continuity and resistance test.
  • Measure resistance from about 0.1 to 100 ohm.
  • Comes with their proprietary Windows software that you can install on your computer.

Universe Cable Tester CCT-02

Product: Cable Tester CCT-02

Manufacturer: PIC-CONTROL

Test Points: 256
Power Source: 5V (USB-C cable, 300mA)
Size: 220 x 165 x 50mm
Weight: about 1000g
Cost: Medium

Nice Features:

  • custom attachment board for your unique connectors
  • stores multiple learned connection
  • low voltage/power
  • generate and save test report into thumb-drive memory
  • allow interfacing to external system

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