DIY Cable Tester Collection

Here is a Do-It-Yourself collection of project references that I have found from electronic project websites for building a simple cable tester of your own. A pretty good reference to study the various designs for your ideal cable tester.

Simple Cable Tester 3

A simple cable tester with indicator lights for connection and breaks.

Featuring also many DIY electronic projects using microcontrollers. Check out website here.

Author: Weigu

Multi Wire Cable Tester

Multi Wire Cable Tester Schematic

This schematic for a multi-wire cable tester is from DIY Electronic projects website.

Author: Andy Collinson (

RJ45 Cable Tester

This project comes from featuring a RJ45 Cable Tester. It includes the schematic, BOM list and Gerber files for a hobbyist to create their own RJ45 cable tester.

Author: Bhaskar Pandey (Electronic Hobbyist)

LAN Cable Tester

Using only a simple 555 timer and 4017 IC chip. Very similar to the one above.

Author: AI Williams

HACKADAY project building your own LAN cable tester.

Schematic for LAN Cable Tester

Do-it-yourself LAN Cable Tester

This is a simple Ethernet network LAN cable tester for RJ45, RJ11 to check the continuity and short circuit of a new assembled cables. There are LED indicator to show the connection..

Author: Frank Weithöner

XLR Audio Cable Tester

Simple tester circuit to test XLR audio cable, using a 9V battery.

Using 4044B IC chip.

Author: Ashley Dawson (Silicon Chip Electronics)

IDC cable tester (Arduino based)

This is a IDC cable tester that is more advanced using an Arduino Mega board. IDC cable is often also known as ribbon cable or flat cable. Typically the adjacent wire-to-wire pitch is 1.27mm.

This project comes with a big Alphanumeric display to test the cable without needing the tester connected to a computer.

Using only a simple 555 timer and 4017 IC chip. Very similar to the one above.

Author: Tony

10/16 pins IDC Power cable tester (Arduino with result display)

This is a very nicely done-up IDC power cable tester by Tomarus.

Schematic of the circuitry and the Arduino source code is provided. Driven with a dot matrix display module. Very professionally constructed.

Check out this project here,

Author: Tomarus

Another project was replicated by another electronic hobbyist.

IDC Ribbon Cable Tester circuit

This is a less complicated IDC cable tester with using any microcontroller. Simple circuitry that can check for connection and short circuit in your IDC cable.

There is also an explanation of how the circuit works. This can give you a more detail understanding of designing your very own cable tester.

Author: Ron Hoffman

PIC Cable Tester
Schematic for PIC Cable Tester

PIC Cable Tester

This network cable tester (PIC Cable Tester) uses microchip microcontroller PIC16F877A.

It comes with two RJ45 socket and can identify common Ethernet patch cable or cross cable. The design comes with LED indicator for the display of the connection.

Report of the cable connections will be generated and display on the LCD display screen.

Schematic and source code is available.

Check out VE3LNY’s Web Site,

Probador De Cables by Puchinis 79

Probador De Cables for USB Cables

Author: Puchinis 79


This is a Probador De Cables for USB Cables. Probador De Cables” is a Spanish language for “Cable Tester”.

It is a very simple cable tester for USB cable design by the author “Puchinis 79“. Check out their Youtube channel online for other of their projects.

Electronic circuit schematic of Testeur cables 001 from

Testeur de câble



This is a microcontroller general purpose cable tester. “Testeur de câble” is a France language for “Cable Tester”.

This general cable tester features a 24 connection points testing using PIC microcontroller as the test processor.

It comes with a LCD display panel to show user the test status and result.

Uses CD4051 as analog switches for this cable tester circuit design.

DIY Guitar Cable Tester
Guitar Cable Tester Schematic

DIY Guitar Cable Tester

Aurther: Wozlaser

A simple tester guitar cable. Guitar cable are frequent having broken wire connection or faulty connector socket.

This simple tester is designed in with LED indicators and audio jack socket can help to detect your cable problem faster.

Simple tester that you can do it yourself.


Wirescanner Kit

Product ID: K-UTL-02

Manufacturer: antilog devices

This is a low cost DIY kit that you can buy and assemble yourself.

A simple cable tester with a matrix LED to show you the wire connection. Allows up to 16 wires connection.

To purchase, check out the following URL,

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