List of Cable Harness Assembly Companies

This page contain the list of companies and manufacturers providing custom service to assembly cable harness.

Wire Harness manufacturer from around the world. Wire loom and custom connector molding support.


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Chinese Cable Tester

This page introduce the Cable Tester available from Chinese market. Most of the tester are in China are using Chinese language. You can contact us if help is needed for translation to English. We can try to support you.

These are low cost cable harness wiring connection tester. It allows testing of any type of cables for up to 512 connection points.

LCD Display Screen

Display will show the cable test result “Pass” or “Fail”.

It can also shows the pins that are connected and those that are left unconnected.

The user menu are however in Chinese language. A little translation will be good good to start using this cable tester.

Expandable I/O for more wire connection testing

The cable tester comes with expandable test points. Each expandable board allows testing of additional 64 connection points.

A maximum of 8 expandable boards can be stack together with the tester processor main board. This allows up to a maximum of 512 connection points.

Software display of test result

The tester main board can be connected to a computer system (Windows operating system) via the RS232 communication port.

From the software, you can see more detailed information of the cable test result from tester board.

The language is currently only in Chinese version only.

Other cable testers available in the market

  • LT_CABLE_L40,
  • GZ-XL100,
  • OS_LT21,
  • CT-9909-64,

  • ICT_LT20A,
  • ICT_LT19,

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Cable Tester Selection Guide

The most basic requirement for needing a cable tester is for testing of the wiring connection. You can quickly and easily test whether if an automated machine makes a connection or if your operator has make the correct connection through manual wire assembly. If you can only going for simple connection testing, you can simply click here and check out these small portable cable tester.

For comprehensive testing of your cable, this is where you will need a high-end cable tester equipment. You will need to understand the exact type of test that you want to do on your assembled cable.

  1. Wire connection of the cable.
  2. Resistivity and conductance of the copper wire. (maximum current)
  3. Insulation of the jacket around the copper wire. (maximum voltage, HiPot test)
  4. Cable capacitance between the copper wires.
  5. Data speed bandwidth of the cable.
  6. Cable impedance
  7. Electrical characteristic testing (capacitors, diodes, or resistors detection)
  8. Mechanical physical testing (elasticity, bend-ability)

Other cable testers available in the market

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