I2C Pin Out (qwIIC from Sparkfun Electronics)

“qwIIC” (which stands for Quick Wire Inter-Integrated Circuit) from SparkFun Electronics is a convenient inter-board cable interface for connecting I2C electronic board modules together. I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) is a communication protocol commonly used to connect low-speed peripherals in embedded systems.

I2C pinout for qwIIC connect system from Sparkfun Electronics

The qwIIC system simplifies connecting I2C devices by providing a standardized pinout. This makes it easier to connect sensors, displays, memory modules, and other I2C-compatible components without having to worry about the specific pin configurations of each device.

Typically, the qwIIC pinout includes power (VCC and GND), clock (SCL), and data (SDA) lines, which are necessary for I2C communication. Some versions of qwIIC may also include additional pins for features like interrupt signals or voltage level shifting.

With qwIIC, you’ll spend less time figuring out pin configurations and more time creating awesome stuff. So, whether you’re a seasoned maker or just starting out, qwIIC is your trusty sidekick for hassle-free I2C interfacing.

Overall, the qwIIC pinout from SparkFun Electronics streamlines the process of connecting and interfacing with I2C devices, making it a popular choice for hobbyists, makers, and electronics enthusiasts.

The I2C cable connector from qwIIC (Sparkfun Electronics) is compatible to STEMMA QT (Adafruit). Their connector and pin out are the same.

QWIIC I2C connector details

QWIIC I2C inter-connection system uses miniature connector SH/SR series (1.0mm pitch) from JST. JST specialises in connector production. The following is the datasheet and drawing for the JST SH SR series connectors use in the QWIIC Connect System.

Cable Plug

Housing part number: SHR-04V-S-B
– Available from Digikey: 455-1379-ND

Crimp Pin part number: SSH-003T
– Available from Digikey: 455-1561-2-ND

Board Socket

– Socket part number: BM04B-SRSS-TB (Available from Digikey: 455-BM04B-SRSS-TB)
– Socket part number: SM04B-SRSS-TB (Available from Digikey: 455-SM04B-SRSS-TB)

Tools Accessories

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