I2C Pin Out (Grove from Seeed Studio)

The Grove Ecosystem from Seeed Studio presents a revolutionary approach to prototyping electronic systems. It operates on a modular, standardized connector system base on I2C communication protocol, simplifying the process of introducing new electronics into the prototype design. Unlike conventional methods involving jumpers or soldering, Grove’s modular building-block strategy streamlines the process significantly.

This is the I2C pin out of a popular Grove from Seeed Studio. I2C cable is used for inter connecting the electronic circuit modules through this single data communication bus.

I2C pinout for Grove Ecosystem from Seeed Studio

The heart of the Grove system is its base unit, typically a microprocessor, facilitating seamless connections to various modules via this standardized I2C connector cables. The base unit acts as a central hub, allowing effortless integration of input and output from Grove modules. Each module serves a specific function, ranging from basic inputs like buttons to more intricate sensors like heart rate monitors. Importantly, the Grove ecosystem doesn’t mandate a base unit for module connectivity. A Grove to Pin Header Converter cable enables direct linkage from Raspberry Pi or Arduino pins to Grove connectors.

The Grove I2C cable interface enjoys compatibility with a wide range of development boards and microcontrollers, offering versatility and flexibility in project implementation.

Grove I2C connector details

Grove I2C inter-connection system uses its own proprietary connector. Known as 1125S-4P, or the A2005 series. The following is the datasheet and drawing for the Grove connectors.

Fortunately this connector can be compatible to Grove (Seeed Studio), and Gravity (DFRobot) which is base on JST PH series (2mm pitch) connector.

Cable Plug

Housing part number: PHB-4Y
Crimp Pin part number: PHB-T11

Grove 4pin assembled cable 5cm, 110990036 (Available from Digikey: 1597-1085-ND)
Grove 4pin assembled cable 20cm, 110990027 (Available from Digikey: 1597-1089-ND)
Grove 4pin assembled cable 30cm, 110990040 (Available from Digikey: 1597-1086-ND)
Grove 4pin female jumpers pack, 110990028 (Available from Digikey: 1597-1081-ND)

Board Socket

Tools Accessories

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