Cable Measurement Testing Equipment Products

These are very comprehensive cable measure and testing equipment selection. High end tester that can not only test cable wiring connection, but also the conductivity and the insulation between the wires. Suitable for very detailed measurement and testing of your cables.

For those who are looking for a simple cable connectivity tester to test if the wires are connected correctly between the connectors and harness, you can click here for a list of simple cable tester tools.

You can also visit our cable tester selection guide page for detail on selecting the right cable tester equipment for your cable production workshop.

M4 CableEye System

Product: M3Z or M4 CableEye System

Expansion modules allows testing up to 2560 test points.

Manufacturer : CAMI Research Inc.
Product URL :

NX Solo

Product: NX Solo

Manufacturer : Dynalab (Test Systems)
Product URL :


Product: SYNOR5000P

Manufacturer : sedelee
Product URL :

Model 2115

Product: Model 2115 (Benchtop)

Manufacturer : DIT- MCO Internation
Product URL :

CHT Cable and Harness Tester

Product: CHT (Cable and Harness Tester)

Manufacturer : Get Control, Inc. (Embedded Solutions)
Product URL :

1100R+ Cable Tester

Product: 1100R+ Cable Tester

Manufacturer : CIRRIS
Product URL :

Cable Tester 3.0

Product: Cable Tester 3.0

Manufacturer : AWOS
Product URL :

Product: Advanced Cable Tester v2

Manufacturer : TOTAL PHASE
Product URL :
Video Demonstration:
Cost: about USD$15,000

Product: NMG series Cable Harness Checker

Manufacturer : NAC CORPORATION Co., Ltd.
Product URL :

64 test points
Cost: about USD$3,500

Product: HTPC Advanced Harness Tester

Manufacturer: FUTURA APSOL Pvt. Ltd.
Product URL :

128 to 1024 (up to 3072) test points
Cost: about USD$??,???

Small Portable Cable Tester Products

Click here for a selection of more small portable cable tester tools.

List of Manufacturers for Cable Tester

Click here for a list of manufacturer for cable tester tool and measurement equipment.