230Vac-Power Socket Tester Plug

Simply plug this socket tester onto your wall socket outlet to check if the internal electrical wiring is properly wired. Instant display, easy to read LED indicator.

Power Socket Plug Tester from T.I.S


  • Small and portable wall power socket tester.
  • Simple to read indicator display.
  • Instant test.

Human installation error can happen. Wrong electrical wiring can be dangerous. This is especially when the Live and Neutral wiring is swap by mistake. AC appliance can still operate normally with the Live Neutral swap. It may not has a significant safety issue most of the time. In special occasion when the neutral line is expose, it can become life threatening.

Do a safety check after your electrical wiring installation.

Test Check Features

  • Valid electrical socket wiring.
  • Missing Earth wiring.
  • Live & Earth wiring reversed
  • Live & Neutral wiring reversed
  • Missing Neutral wiring.

Continuity Tester for Cables and PCB Boards

A pocket size continuity tester with a remote probe that you can bring along anywhere to your site to test for cable wire continuity. Simple and easy to use.


  • Test electronic circuit board wire trace continuity.
  • Test Cables and Wires.
  • Check connector’s contact.
  • Verify connection and labeling of conductors.
  • Remote long distance cable testing.


  • Test cable up to 3000 meters in length
  • LED continuity flashing indicator for remote long cable testing
  • Dimension:

Compare Cable Tester Products

A quick comparison chart for the cable tester products available on the market. To help you have a quick review and overview glance.

Note: The information is gathered from the respective manufacturers website. Features may not be indicated on the chart due to limited information from the manufacturer’s website. If any discrepancy is detected, please feel please to update us, so that we can do the necessary update onto this chart. Thank you. ??

Other Useful Cable Tester Features To Compare

Each cable tester is uniquely design for a specific purpose in mind. High end model usually is more expensive but it has much more features. The following are some features (not featured on the comparison chart) that you may like to take note of.

  • Expandable test points
  • Software support
  • Test intermediate cable problem
  • Reverse engineer of unknown cable connection
  • Memory for number of learned cables

Click here for a list view of the cable tester products on the market.