Cable Tester Specification (CCT-01)

The follow are the summary of the features and the detailed technical specification of the cable tester CCT-01

Features Specification

  • A total of 64 Test Points Connection.
  • Full complete automatic connection mapping.
  • Pass / Fail light indicators.
  • Buzzer beep sound indicator.
  • Test is for all the 64 test connection is less than a second.
  • Manual or Auto Start test mode to choose from.
  • Learn button for cable connection
  • Standalone operation or can be interface with external automation system.
  • Portable and power up with a portable USB power bank.
  • Can connect to a computer to generate test report.
  • Uses safe low voltage to test the wiring connection.
  • Generate Test Report through the USB (virtual serial communication port)

Technical Specification

  • Power from 5V USB power source (5V 0.1A), less than 0.5 Watt
  • USB-C connector cable.
  • Small test signal output from pin is max at 3.3V, 5mA
  • USB virtual serial communication port connection for generating report.
  • Test speed is about 5msec per connections, or about 0.32sec for all the 64 connections.
  • Capacitance between the wires must be less than 60nF. (Wire capacitance should be < 60nF)
  • Measure as connection with the wire having a resistance of about 38KΩ or less. (Wire connection should be < 30Kohm)
  • Cable wiring connection Intermittent fault detection mode, detection speed is slow at 4Hz (250ms)
  • Secured with 4pcs of screw, M3 x 8 (max up to M3 x 14)
  • Size: 130 x 65 x 35mm
  • Weight: 150g

Note: For wires having too high capacitance, the device will the wire pair as a connection.

For custom technical specification.

For customisation of any specify technical specification required for your cable production testing, you can contact us.
We can design the right tester to your specification.

  • Precision low resistance wire connection measurement. Ensure connector connection is properly done.
  • Complex cable LCR measurement.
  • Testing of cable with passive component, LED or IC chip integrated.

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