USB-C Pin Out

USB-C pin out diagram

The USB type C connector is a USB version 3.0 standard which has a total of 24 pins.

The USB type C pins that are compatible to the previous 4 pins USB (ver1.0/ver2.0) connector are,

  • Gnd (A1, A12, B1, B12)
  • 5V Vusb (A4, A9, B4, B9)
  • D+ (A6, B6)
  • D- (A7, B7)

USB-C Pin Out Description

Pin IDNameDescription
A1, A12, B1, B12GndGround
A4, A9, B4, B9VbusTypically 5V USB bus
A2TXp1Shielded differential pair #1, positive
A3TXn1Shielded differential pair #1, negative
A5CC1Configuration channel
A6D+USB Data+
A7D-USB Data-
A8SBU1Sideband use A
A10RXn2Shielded differential pair #4, negative
A11RXp2Shielded differential pair #4, positive
B2TXp2Shielded differential pair #3, positive
B3TXn2Shielded differential pair #3, negative
B5VCONNVCONN power, for powered cables
B6D+USB Data+
B7D-USB Data-
B8SBU2Sideband use B
B10RXn1Shielded differential pair #2, negative
B11RXp1Shielded differential pair #2, positive
USB-C pin out description

USB-C Plug

USB-C Receptacle