Test for Shorted Cable Pins using the CCT-01 Cable Tester

There are times when you want to test only for the open circuit of your cable instead of testing for the connection. You do not need to connect both end of the cable to perform this test. Or you may want to check the connection on a circuit board is not shorted. You can actually use CCT-01 Cable Tester to perform this task.

By default, CCT-01 Cable Tester only allows the testing of connected wires. If there are no connection detected on the CCT-01 tester, the tester will not learn. This is because in a normal use case, cable must have at least one connection for the tester to perform the test. This precaution prevent the tester from operation when no cable is connected.

To overcome this, you can simply connect one end of the cable that you want to test to the tester. Find any 2 unused point on the tester and short them together. This will trick the tester into thinking that there is a cable to test. By doing this, you allows the tester to memorise the open circuit, hence allowing the tester to test for open circuit as well.

Now you can operate the tester as normal. Press “Learn” button to learn the open circuit wiring condition. Then proceed to test each cable or circuit board one at a test using the manual “Start Test” button.

The disadvantage of doing this is that Auto-Start testing mode will not be working. You have to manually press the “Start” button to test the test.