G128N Wire Tester

Simple cable tester for testing up to 128 wiring points.

  • Up to 128 test pins
  • One test button.
  • One learn button.
  • Stores up to 15 sets of wiring configurations.
  • Pass/Fail LED indicators
  • Sound response
  • Test Report display on the screen.
  • Auto-testing mode.
  • Power Supply 5-15V, 100mA
G128N wire tester

G128N 线材测试仪 wire tester.

Test for wire connection, multiple point connection, missing connection, and wrong connection.

The equipment allows you to learn a good condition sample cable by pressing and holding the learn button for at least 3 seconds. It will be use as a reference to test the rest of your cable wires. The learned cable remains in the memory even after power is removed. You can connect each of the wire points to any one pin on the equipment. It is able to test for complex multiple-point connections or cross-connection.

There is also an automatic testing mode to speed up your mass production wire testing.

The test button comes with a green indicator for test Pass, and red indicator for test Fail. A simple report of the failure will be displayed on the screen to pinpoint the wiring where the failure occurred.

The display is in Chinese, but we will provide you with an English user operation manual to guide you along. Operating this tester is simple. Follow through once and you can fairly understand how to operate this equipment.

The search port (red socket on the front panel) is used for assisting you to find the particular pin number on your cable wire or on this test equipment.

For Cable Harnesses

This wire tester equipment is suitable for testing cable harneses, USB cable, computer cables, PCB board traces, etc…

G128N wire tester


Connectors adaptor board for your cable testing. We also help to custom design and fabricate an adaptor for your cable connectors.

Dimension Size

The equipment size is 295 x 215 x 115 mm.
Weight is 2.2kg


The test equipment is USD$180 (without the optional accessories). Comes with its own power adaptor.
This price do not include the shipping fee or import tax imposed by your country.

Payment can be by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

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