Network Access Point Tester

Network tester to test your Ethernet network for internet connectivity and cable connection.

A simple tools to allow you to plug in the RJ45 Ethernet socket, and indicator to you if there if internet connectivity is available from that network socket. A handy tester for your network cable installation onsite.

Fast and instant testing. There is no need to rely on laptop for the testing.

Compare the best network access point tester for your site testing.


This device can test your network point for Ethernet link, cable fault, PoE voltage, DHCP result with a simple interface with your connected smart phone. Simple to use.

Access to many type of network testing via the mobile smart phone.

Cost about EURO€199

Official site:

LinkSprinter 100 (from Fluke)

Simple handy network tester to check for network connection. Battery operated.

Test Features:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Ethernet link
  • DHCP IP addressing
  • Gateway/router
  • Internet or cloud device (default ping connection to

Cost about USD$500

Official site:
-> Check our the product manual here.

Netool NE1

Simple and low cost network tester.

Cost about USD$179

Official site: