GFCI Receptacle Tester

Simple to use, handy 110Vac wall power socket tester to check for your electrical wiring installation. Built-in with a simple to use button for GFCI circuit breaker test.


  • GFCI Tester for 110–120Vac wall power socket.
  • Instant lamp indicators for improper electrical wiring from your wall power socket.
  • Test ground fault isolation breakers.
  • Test circuit breaker.
  • Ground leakage fault button (6-7mA) to test GFCI circuit breaker safety installation.
  • Small, light weight.

Instant Detects Faulty Electrical

Test Lamp Indicators

  • OOO Open Ground
  • OOO Open Neutral
  • OOO Open Hot
  • OOO Hot / Ground reverse connection
  • OOO Hot / Neutral reverse connection
  • OOO Correct Connection