Universal Cable Tester CCT-02

Cable Tester to decode the wiring connection of any cables.


  • Power up by USB (using type-C socket)
  • SD memory card to store test file, or USB thumb drive
  • Spread Sheet report
  • USB Virtual Serial Communication Port (machine communication)
  • 3x Learn Button to learn or load program. (internal memory.)
  • Display screen for the config file loaded. Up down button
  • Custom connector plate. (Custom connector, or using standard screw terminal connector plate)
  • Interface with external machines, switch, and indicators
  • Buzzer sound and indicator
  • 2 mode. (All wire test line, 50% wire test line 50% LED indicator)
  • Total 128 lines.
  • QR code operation manual


  • Standard Mounting Plate Screw Terminal
  • Custom Mounting Plate
  • Power Supply 5V adaptor
  • SD card
  • Spare screw terminal connector