RS232 Cable Tester

Want to test your RS232 cable fast?

Instant RS232 cable test with CCT-01 Cable Tester.

Instant Pass or Fail result with an audible and visual indicator

(Step 1) Setup RS232 Connectors.

Find a mating connector for your RS232 Cable.

The mating connectors can come from an RS232 cable. Cut it in half and strip the wire of the mating connectors. Screw down the striped bare end of the wires to the screw terminal (green plug).

The screw terminal is to be plugged into the CCT-01 Cable Tester.

d-sub 09 female connector setup
for RS232 cable testing.

Screw each of the wire onto the screw terminal (green plug).

You can screw the wire in in any order onto the screw terminal.

d-sub 09 male connector setup
for RS232 cable testing.

(Step 2) Learn master cable’s connection.

Plug in your mating connector to the CCT-01 Cable Continuity Tester.

Plug in your original master RS232 cable onto the mating connector.

Press LEARN button to learn the wiring connection of your master cable.

Learning master RS232 cable

(Step 3) Test RS232 cables

Unplug the master cable aside. You no longer need this master RS232 cable. The connection from this master RS232 cable is learned and memorized by this cable tester.

Plug in the RS232 cable that you want to test. Press the “Start Test”.

A green LED indicates with beep tones indicates that the RS232 cable has passed the test. The connection of this RS232 cable is the same as the master cable that was learned earlier.

A red LED indicates that the RS232 cable tested is different from your master cable.

Testing the rest of the RS232 cables

More than just a RS232 Cable Tester

CCT-01 Cable Continuity Tester is a universal cable tester that can test all kinds of cable, no matter how complex your cable connection is. There are also many advance features loaded to help you test and document your cable connection instantly.

An ultimate handy testing tool on your workshop bench top.

CCT-01 Cable Continuity Tester

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